And here is my story


Finally I decided to open a blog. I’ll start from the end. Tired of dull and negative news. Well I’ll start. One morning I woke up, took out his tablet and decided to read what is going on in the world this morning. Stopped in for a terrific news sites and what I saw there. Syria wants to bomb, in Germany the train went off the rails in Libya overthrows the next government, the U.S. started selling another phone. If you try to find at least one interesting piece of news I was waiting for a deep disappointment, climbed three of the most popular news resource I found not a single positive news. In the end, I got a charge, but only the negative energy, and so wanted to read, about what is really interesting and good. The next morning, the situation repeated itself. And so, week after week. Tired. Bud is good news does not exist. I started looking for … And you know found a lot of interesting, fresh, and most importantly a good charging energy news. On the pages of his blog, I would like to share with you such news and discuss them.


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